BIKE WORK Bike Saddle

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1.Double shock absorption ball: The shock absorption device set under the saddle of the bicycle can cushion the bumps of the road, avoiding the sudden strong vibration to the safety hazards of cycling, and is a necessary bicycle accessory.

2.Ergonomic design: The bicycle seat adopts ergonomic design, sufficient FOAM filling makes the bicycle saddle more soft, which can be more comfortable during riding, and the hollow design of the bicycle saddle makes it more breathable during riding.

3.Size: 9.84*8.27*3.74 inches wide bicycle seat for adult men and women, the whole wide bicycle saddle plays a good role in supporting your spine. The matte black surface of the bicycle seat is waterproof and non-slip, making it safer to ride.

4.Universality: bike seats are perfect for any type of bike, and can replace the bike saddle on mountain bikes, road bikes, travel bikes, race bikes, cruisers bikes, exercise bikes. 5.Easy to install: The bicycle seat package includes a saddle adapter and two assembly tools, allowing customers to easily install.

Color: Red